Hotel parking

Hotel parking

Free parking in the center of St. Petersburg sounds like a myth, but it is a reality for our guests. You can park your car at 69 Nevsky Prospekt and be sure that nothing will happen to your car. After all, parking is located in a closed courtyard under video surveillance.

True, there is a nuance, for guests who rent apartments on Poltava - the car will have to be left 10 minutes from your place of residence. But let's face it - walking along Nevsky Prospekt is a pleasure!

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Long term residence

Special price for accommodation in apartments for stays of 30 days or more.

For more information about the special offer please contact us by phone +7 (952) 375-92-09 or e-mail info@forumapart.ru .

Profitable vacation

20% discount for stays of 5 nights or more for any category of apartments